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About Us

I am so happy to share my passion of fabric and wallpaper with you.


I originally started thinking about creating my own collection many years ago while living in Clovelly in Sydney.  At the time, I wasn’t part of the industry. Having started my career in property, one thing that I learned was that interiors are the catalyst to any property's popularity. This is where my interest in interior design started to develop in earnest.


My fascination with interior design and through it my love of floral patterns and bold designs started to emerge. Upon returning home to the UK from Australia, I began my journey to where I am today working for the incredibly talented Lulu Lytle at Soane Britain where my obsession with textiles was truly cemented.

After a decade immersing myself in the interiors industry, working with designers and fabric makers, I have taken the leap and turned my ambitions to create my own collection into reality.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Clovelly Cloth!


Clovelly Cloth founder Elvira
Clovelly Cloth Wild Poppies Ochre and Dusk and LL Mist_Ochre.jpeg
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